Basic Rigger Training in Saudi Arabia

Basic Rigger Training in Saudi Arabia


Workplace safety has become an important aspect of every business across the globe. Organizations are not only realizing its significance but are also providing required training to their staff members to ensure that they practice safe work ethics for a healthy work environment. This approach not only ensures that the workforce is safe even in hazardous working conditions but also enhances its productivity. Such training programs are especially important for the on-ground staff that often work in challenging conditions surrounded by potentially life-threatening circumstances. While safety is one of the main aspects of such training programs, providing professional training also equips the workforce with the required expertise in handling difficult situations and giving its best.

To keep your workforce safe and productive, we provide Basic Rigger Training programs in, Saudi Arabia (KSA) to help your staff meet the required standards. The course teaches professionals the right way of using the rigger gear, slings, signalling and below-the-hook lifting devices, ensuring that those who finish the course are competent to use such risky equipment and are able to manage any lifting operations in a safe manner.


Course Overview

A trained or qualified rigger is known as a person is competent person, who either possesses a competency certificate or has an extensive experience and knowledge about everything related to rigging. Basic Rigger Training, Saudi Arabia provides all the necessary information and training to develop a worker into an expert in rigging and make him competent to solve/resolve all kinds of problems related to rigging.

The Basic Rigger Training, Saudi Arabia helps professionals identify potential hazards and risks associated with lifting operations, identify and implement measures to address the hazards, select the correct lifting accessories and identify and then plan the safest route to lift and move the load so that there is no risk involved to the personnel and the surroundings. Basic rigger training also prepares the professionals to ensure that the load is mounted properly, that they know the exact weight, and incorporate adequate safety factors. The rigger level 3 certificate prepares professionals for proper risk assessment and planning, ensures proper communication, identifies, and obtains proper resources for the lifting plan, and ensures that the lifting equipment is free of defects.

That apart, the rigger course in Saudi Arabia has been developed keeping the local and internationally accepted safety standards in mind. It also makes sure that the professionals handling the rigging work protect the load from possible damages, use the industry’s best practices, and ensure proper weight balancing, etc. Our Basic Rigger Training, Saudi Arabia is a complete training program that ensures the staff members obtain the right expertise for safe and proficient handling of the rigging process.

Benefits of the course

Rigging and slinging is an important aspects of overall material handling in any industry. However, the nature of this work poses several challenges and hazards that can, in extreme cases, also cause death. Such accidents normally happen due to a lack of knowledge and proper rigger level 3 training, due to which material handlers, crane workers, and slingers make mistakes or practice unsafe acts or create an unsafe work environment. However, these occurrences are largely preventable if the professionals are provided with proper rigger level 3 training. And this is what SLC Group provides in its Basic Rigger Training in Saudi Arabia.

  • The basic rigger level 3 course prepares the employees to handle all kinds of untoward situations if they happen to occur due to any negligence, or technical error.
  • Successful learners will obtain a competency certificate which can help to fulfil the legal and contractual requirements. 
  • This awareness and preparedness help in creating a safer and more productive work environment
  • It also prepares the workers for the proper use of slings and associated rigging equipment. That apart, the program also helps them with proper pre-use inspection of the equipment
  • This is a one-day course, so you can fit this training program into your schedule without having to adjust too much
  • It helps in making the workers aware of the legal requirements and following all rules and regulations to be compliant with the law
  • The course familiarizes workers with the basics of rigging and slinging, helping in increasing the productivity of the employees apart from increasing their safety
  • Such safety training programs encourage better teamwork and inspire co-workers to look out for each other in case of an emergency
  • With proper training, the employees feel more confident about working in challenging conditions, hence further improving their productivity
  • Lesser accidents and proper handling of the equipment also mean lesser expenses on damage control and providing necessary care to the employees

Who should register for this course?

Every employee involved in the process of rigging and slinging should undergo this training program as it makes them aware of the potential hazards related to rigging and how to handle challenging situations. Since the Basic Rigging Training is only a 1-day program, it can be taken by the entire team of riggers and slingers from any organization.

Course Duration and Assessment

As mentioned above, this is a 1-day course. Those undergoing the training program are provided with a multiple-choice examination, which is conducted at the end of the program. The learners must procure at least 70% marks to successfully complete the program.