Basic Roles and Responsibilities of a Fire Marshal

Reliable fire warden training programs provided by full-service firms can assist anyone in knowing the responsibilities of a fire marshal.
Compared to office buildings, fire outbreaks are getting more frequent in apartment buildings and flats. To ensure that fire safety regulations and safety protocols are met in the event of a fire, it is important for building owners or property managers to appoint a well-trained fire marshal or warden in the particular building. A fire marshal or fire warden is responsible for saving lives out of a fire break in the building. One of the major responsibilities of a fire marshal is to make sure that the working environment is safe in case of a fire outbreak.

According to the report from Fire Middle East magazine, the UAE ministry has recorded 2,090 building fires in 2021, up from 1,968 in 2020. The number of fires in residential properties rose from 1,277 in 2020 to 1,385 in 2021 and nine people died in building fires last year. The major cause of fires in homes and apartments include poorly stored flammable materials, smoking inside bedrooms, and usage of incense burners inside wardrobes. Fire risks can be reduced to a great extent by improving knowledge of the fire protection and prevention requirements and minimizing fire risks.

Even business owners must be aware of fire safety compliance in their workplace. The law requires that you assign at least one individual in your workplace or building a marshal or warden’s duty. While some office owners employ both a marshal and warden to ensure that their property is fully compliant with fire safety regulations, others will hire only one responsible person, who has to handle both the roles perfectly.

Undergoing a fire warden training course will help those candidates to be familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures, proper usage of fire extinguishers and the right measures to be taken to save each life, during a fire outbreak.

In case of a fire emergency, a fire marshal has the responsibility of ensuring that:

  • Everybody in the building leaves quickly and safely when a fire occurs
  • The area around the burning building is also safe
  • There are no people left inside a building once an evacuation has been carried out
  • People with any sort of disabilities are assisted safely during the evacuation
  • No one approaches the vacated building until it has been declared safe
  • A headcount is carried out to check that everyone is accounted for
  • Fire doors and doors to fireproof spaces are closed

Proper communication is maintained by emergency response personnel at the fire scene

At the same time, the daily responsibilities of a fire marshal include :

  • Assessing fire risks and administering first aids
  • Reporting fire hazards on-time
  • Regular housekeeping to remove any materials that pose the risk of a fire
  • Checking that all self-closing fire doors are working
  • Make sure that hazardous/flammable materials are properly stored
  • Checking the proper placement of fire safety signs and emergency evacuation signs
  • Ensuring proper functioning of fire detection equipment and fire alarms
  • Checking whether electrical connections are tested for fire safety compliance
  • Training new employees on the fire safety protocols
  • Assigning deputies to determine that the building is fully compliant with fire safety regulations
  • Mapping evacuation routes and determining fire assembly points to be used during a fire
  • Arranging and conducting fire drills
  • Make sure that all valuable paperwork and documentation is protected

Employers mostly consider only trained or experienced candidates and so, it is important to consider fire warden training programs that can teach the responsibilities of a fire marshal.

Comprehensive fire warden and fire fighting training programs provided by reliable institutions are now available online, which prepares candidates to be ready for such a life-saving task. Theory classes and practical guides help them quickly act in case of a fire emergency. Consider choosing training programs accredited by recognised accrediting health and safety membership organizations such as IOSH, NEBOSH and Highfield. SLC Group is a reputable full-service firm based in Riyadh, KSA, providing a wide range of accredited health and safety training courses. Contact us for more details.

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