Top 7 Scaffolding Safety Inspection Checklist

Scaffolding Safety Inspection Checklist 1. Regularity of Inspection: Frequently, the first query is, “When should a scaffold be inspected?” Simple: scaffolds need to be inspected frequently, and how frequently depends on how they are used. Following are some general principles: Before Use: Before a scaffold is utilized each day or following any incident that can … Read more

Ensuring Compliance: Career Opportunities in Regulatory Roles for NEBOSH and IOSH Professionals in Saudi Arabia

In the modern workplace, the job of regulatory professionals is crucial, particularly in the areas of safety and health. NEBOSH and IOSH certifications stand out in this setting since safety, compliance, and the welfare of workers are essential considerations. The demand for trained NEBOSH and IOSH specialists is continually increasing for businesses like SLC, which … Read more

The Role of Technology in Advancing Fire and Safety Training

Saudi Arabia’s development graph has seen an unprecedented northward graph in the last decade, putting an increased focus on workplace and fire safety. Globally too, workplace safety has gained a lot of impetuous with organizations across the world striving to create safe and healthy workplaces across industrial verticals. As Saudi Arabia emerges as a global … Read more

The Role and Responsibilities of a Fire Warden in Ensuring Workplace Safety

Fire-related emergencies can throw the entire workplace balance out of order. Panic, health hazards, life-threatening injuries and reaching people to safety are some of the primary concerns during such an emergency and it is really important to have a designated person in charge to ensure that the basic protocols are implemented and carried out. This … Read more

Real-Life Applications of NEBOSH IGC Principles in Various Industries

Occupational health and safety is one of the most important aspects that every organization must account for. And the best way of ensuring that a safe and healthy work environment is provided to the employees is by providing them with NEBOSH International General Certificate. It is the most recognized and respected course across the world … Read more

Train the trainer

Train the Trainer: Why it Is Important

Workplace safety is a critical issue for any organization. It not only requires the right knowledge about all kinds of risks involved in a work environment but also how the training to mitigate those risks and handle them effectively. This is the reason why companies across the globe are investing  instrategic training for their employees … Read more

First aid training

10 Essential Items for Your First Aid Kit: A Comprehensive Checklist

Responding to an emergency immediately is the key to ensuring the safety of the employees at a workplace. First Aid Training in Riyadh can help businesses create a safe working space, enabling the employees to deliver the first line of medical and safety assistance before professional help arrives. First Aid kits are not a new … Read more

Health and safety training Saudi Arabia

How to Prevent Accidents in lifting operations

Workplace safety is a critical matter, especially during lifting operations. The fact that lifting equipment is needed to carry out operations means that you are dealing with heavy loads and machinery that can be life-threatening if proper caution is not maintained. From physical injuries to severe burns, the possibilities of grave injuries are many. While … Read more