Importance and role of fire warden towards fire safety in your workplace

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When a fire breaks out, the lives of your staff and guests may be put in danger. People look to Fire Wardens in these situations for direction and knowledge in an emergency, and they may give this soothing presence. SLC can provide specially designed fire warden training, Riyadh to ensure a safe working environment for companies.

Fire Wardens ensure that your workplace is fire-safe and that everyone in it is safely evacuated in the event of a fire. Because their job is so important, it’s critical that they’re carefully chosen and well trained.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Fire Wardens, including their importance, crucial responsibilities, and how they are trained.

Why are fire marshals required in the workplace?

Every business is required by law to choose a “responsible person” to serve as a Fire Warden. Several Fire Wardens may be necessary, depending on the size of the premises. 

In the event of a fire, these wardens serve as go-to fire safety representatives for other employees. However, a Fire Warden’s function is not limited to putting out fires; they must also do a variety of additional tasks to ensure that the firm complies with the Fire Safety Order 2005, and all Fire Wardens must be familiar with their responsibilities under the order.

They are the employer’s “eyes and ears.” If used correctly, they will assist in ensuring a safe atmosphere for all and take immediate action on any fire safety flaws discovered during routine tests and checks.

What is the duty of a Fire Warden?

The most crucial components of being a Fire Warden are adequately trained, familiar with the site’s day-to-day operations, knowledgeable about their workplace’s fire safety regulations. They have a structure and framework to follow. They must also avoid putting themselves in danger while carrying out their job.

The tasks of a Fire Warden vary depending on the size, layout, and the number of employees; however, some common responsibilities include:

  1. Arrange for frequent fire risk assessments to be conducted by the company.
  2. Maintaining fire alarm systems, alarm systems, and firefighting equipment, including ensuring that fire extinguishers are in good functioning and their designated places.
  3. Fire drills are held regularly.
  4. Providing safety information to employees and those that need to know.
  5. Assuring those fire escape pathways are clear of impediments.
  6. Ensure that all signage is legible and in the proper location.

During a fire, the duties of a Fire Warden

  1. Putting out a tiny fire with a fire extinguisher.
  2. At the proper times, raising the alert and contacting the emergency evacuation process.
  3. Staff should be directed and guided to the nearest safe evacuation routes.
  4. Assisting people with disabilities.
  5. If feasible, close all windows, doors, and fire doors.
  6. Participating actively in the assembly point roll call.
  7. Greeting and informing emergency personnel when they arrive.

What kind of training is required?

Choose thoughtfully since the person or people are chosen for the post of Fire Warden must be skilled. SLC is a leader in the market to provide proper fire marshall training. They must also complete a brief training program to prepare them for their responsibilities. Choose an accredited company to deliver the training to ensure that your volunteers have the greatest possible knowledge and preparation for the task. 

The following are some of the aspects of the training that may be covered:

  • Hazards and measures in the event of a fire
  • Actions to take in the instances of a fire 
  • Theoretical knowledge

It could also contain instructions on the personal processes of your specific location. It’s also critical that the Fire Wardens you choose have prior experience and are familiar with the culture of your company or workforce.

SLC can meet your demands if you’re looking for a specialized provider of thorough fire warden training.

Our certified professionals provide a three-hour fire warden school that teaches both theoretical and practical fire safety skills, ensuring that your employees are prepared for any situation.

Simply call us today to acquire the services, and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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