Whatever the size or nature of an organization, maintaining optimum health and safety standards at the workplace is vital for eliminating health & safety risks.

At SLC, our health and safety consultants combine their expertise with our client’s business requirements to provide optimum solutions.

To meet and manage all aspects related to occupational health, safety, and environmental requirements.

Our Consultancy Services

Develop and Implement New HSE Management System

SLC custom-designs and enforces comprehensive HSE management systems to enhance workplace safety and compliance with current regulations.

Update and Improve the Existing HSE Management System

We refine your HSE system, integrating the latest safety protocols and legal standards to maintain your company's competitive edge.

Preparation of Necessary HSE Management System Documentations

SLC expertly crafts essential, compliant HSE documentation, forming the cornerstone of your company's safety and environmental responsibilities.

Periodic Assessment of HSE Management System for Compliance and Effectiveness

Our routine HSE assessments ensure your system's adherence to legal standards while optimising operational safety and sustainability.

Site Inspections and Recommendations

SLC performs detailed site inspections, followed by actionable recommendations to mitigate health, safety, and environmental risks.

Fire Risk Assessments

SLC identifies fire hazards, offering strategies for effective prevention and robust protection to safeguard your assets.

Preparation of Emergency Plans and Conducts Periodic Fire Drills

We develop tailored emergency plans and conduct fire drills to ensure preparedness and adept response to incidents.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

SLC systematically identifies potential hazards, assessing risks to prioritize safety in your workplace environment.

Development of Risk Mitigation Plans

Our risk mitigation strategies are tailored to preemptively address and reduce workplace health and safety risks.

Conduct HSE Audits

SLC's HSE audits critically evaluate your safety practices against stringent legal and corporate benchmarks.