Event Safety Management

Event Safety Management

To run an event successfully is a tedious task. Millions of minute factors are underlying in the successful completion of an event. Every event is associated with several highly professionalized teams without which the smooth run of the event would not have been possible. However professionally the events are managed, there still are some underlying risks which are a matter of concern. Hazards in events are quite often even because of a tiny error in any of the elements. These hazards can lead to severe risk for the health and safety of the guests as well as the employees. The safety of the people involved in the event is solely responsible for the organizers. Prior importance has to be given for health and safety while conducting an event. Most of the disasters are due to the inefficiency in management and improper coordination of the employees. Majority of the employees are quite unaware of the risks they are dealing with and the health and safety measures to be taken to avoid such risks. Providing appropriate training on safety is imperative while organizing an event. Well, it is quite easy to say, but when it comes to action the overall health and safety management is a tough row to hoe.

SLC group, is a service provider on occupational health and safety consulting and training, based in Riyadh, KSA. The SLC group aims to provide safety of the entire workplace as well as the people involved. Our key importance is to provide practical solutions to health and safety issues associated with the events. Training the employees on the health and safety measures to be taken are also well accomplished with our assistance. We are pleased to provide specialized services to manage all the safety requirements for your event. Our handful of professionals with knowledge on the advanced safety standards are the strength that SLC provide to ensure safe and successful performance of the event. The quality of services that we provide is the best possible assurance we put forward for our clients. Our expert hands are designed to provide you with the following services

Event Safety Management

Our team gives complete assistance for all the concerns regarding safety management of the event. We primarily keep our eyes on the following safety concerns

  • Health and safety risk assessment –  We meticulously assess the risks associated with each event. Depending on the event, the risks may vary. Health and safety risk assessment is of core importance as most of the hazardous conditions could be prevented with the right understanding of the cause. A complete assessment of the health and safety risks associated with the event will be provided to the client.
  • Risk mitigation and compliance checking – Every place have certain legal safety regulations that have to be enforced by the event organizers. The safety management must be in compliance with these legal regulations. We assist our clients to check the compliance with the local regulations and also provide measures to mitigate risks.
  • Fire emergency plans – Fire emergencies are panicking situations. It is often difficult to handle such circumstances easily. The pace of action is the key to fire hazards. To take swift actions a well-prepared plan is necessary. We assist you to prepare fire emergency plans so as to work accordingly in cases of fire risks.
  • Training – Lack of knowledge of employees is also a major area of concern for safety management. Organizers must make sure that the employees associated with the events are well aware of the safety requirements and the methods to face a hazardous situation. Our highly qualified trainers provide ample training to the employees on the entire safety management of the event.

Onsite safety management

We also serve a safety management on site. A well-experienced team of safety professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the local and international standards of health and safety will work for your event. The team will manage all the safety issues and procedures with respect to the system compliance with the regulations of the area associated.  The team of qualified professionals will provide all the safety requirements for the event as well as handles the risks with ease. In short, the mitigation of risks is easily handled by a well-equipped team of safety experts from SLC group.

The safety of the guest and the employees involved in an event is a huge responsibility. Organizers must be cautious enough to handle such circumstances at any point of the event. A well-experienced study on the risks associated and their mitigation is necessary for avoiding such situations. Educating the employees on safety management is unavoidable while handling health and safety issues. To conclude, with a team of well-trained safety experts and an efficiently planned strategical approach, all the safety issues in organizing an event could be handled with ease.