First Aid Awareness Training: Objectives and Scope of Training

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Emergencies can happen at any time at any workplace. And it is always better to be prepared than sorry. This is why organizations across the globe are now putting a lot of emphasis on providing their staff members with some basic health and safety training so that they are better prepared if any untoward incidence happens. And with the Saudi Arabia government also moving towards making all workplaces more safe and secure for their workforce, First Aid Training in Saudi Arabia is gaining importance too. Health and safety are increasingly becoming one area that concerns every organization and with the world awakening to providing a more suitable and productive environment to their employees, health and safety training are making it happen for the organizations. And first aid training at the workplace is one such training program that helps employees be prepared to tackle emergencies more efficiently. 

first aid training

Objectives and scope of first aid training:

It can save lives

This is the biggest benefit of providing first aid training to employees as it can help save lives in critical situations. First aid, especially CPR has been proven as one of the most effective practices to save lives in the first aid domain. And if your staff members are trained in the first aid training in the workplace, they will feel more confident of providing their assistance if any emergency happens. 

It can reduce the number of accidents

First aid training provides important insights about how to remain safe at the workplace. This way the employees will be more aware of their surroundings and that will eventually reduce the number of accidents happening at the workplace. This is critical for the employer as a lesser number of accidents will improve productivity and confidence in the staff members.

It creates a positive work environment

A safe and healthy workplace creates a positive impact on the employees and they feel more motivated to give their best when in the office. Providing various health and safety training and creating a safe work environment makes the employees feel that the company is thinking about them and that gives them the motivation to work harder. This positive environment has more benefits than we can imagine.

Creates a safer workplace

The better your employees are trained to handle difficult situations; the safer will be the workplace. And it has been proved that safer workplaces create a more productive environment. An employee who is positive about his own safety can give undivided attention to his work. On the other hand, such training also prepares the employees with the right knowledge that will prompt them to take appropriate actions in the time of an emergency. And if the staff members know that they are capable of handling such situations, they will feel safer. 

Reduces response time

When the employees are trained properly, they will know exactly what needs to be done in difficult and critical situations. This will help them respond quickly to an emergency as they would know what actions need to be taken to bring things under control. They will also have the knowledge of what all things are there in the first aid kit and how to use them. Sometimes, lack of knowledge and practice can result in delayed response making the situation even more critical. By providing such training, the employees will be better prepared and will have a quicker response time leading to saving important minutes during an emergency. 

It is a great team-building exercise

Such training programs are not only aimed at making people aware of what actions to be taken in case of emergencies, but they also build camaraderie between co-workers. There are several aspects of such training programs that build more confidence in each other as colleagues and they promote a sense of belonging with each other at the workplace. This creates a more positive environment in the office as the employees know more about each other and have a sense of confidence that they can together make their workplace safer. When a workforce enjoys greater bonding, they are able to work well as a team increasing the overall productivity. 

It makes your employees safe outside of office premises also

Once someone is trained for something, they will be able to apply their knowledge anywhere in their life. Similarly, when health and safety training is provided to the employees, they take their knowledge and skills outside of the office premises as well. This will keep them safe even when they are not in the office, which eventually benefits the organization. A safe workforce is always beneficial for the company as there will be lesser absentia due to injuries or illness. 

It is very cost-effective

No, we are not saying that first aid training in the workplace is very affordable. What we mean is that spending in training your employees with such programs is a lot more cost-effective than incurring the cost of an emergency, accident, or mishap at the workplace. A healthy and safe work environment will always be more cost-effective as the company doesn’t have to bear any extra cost that an accident might bring in. It also makes the employees feel safer and creates a more productive work environment.