Guidelines to Restart your Workplace After COVID-19 Lockdown

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As we know the covid -19 pandemic outburst was an unexpected dreadful scene. It makes scars on entire phases including the economy. The unexpected lockdown leads to the shutting of workplaces for a prolonged time. After struggling with these pandemic days, now we are getting out by taking proper precautions. The proper usage of sanitization and use of masks are the new normal that we were following in this situation.

How to protect our workplace place from these swiftly spreading disease-causing agents?. Both employers and employees have to take care of and follow authentic guidelines for preventing contamination scenes. After lockdown, the restarting of the workplace should be regularized by proper sanitation. This can bring a safer workplace ambiance. By providing personal hand rubs and by maintaining social distancing ensure workplace safety and smooth running of work. Safety implementation in workplaces needs risk assessment and consultation between employees and employers. 

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The changing of common spots( pantry area), by providing work shifts and splitting of teams may reduce the mixing of people. By understanding the nature and kinds of the disease we have to upgrade the guidelines and safeguards. For better workplace safety we have to ensure further safety measures like screens, face shields, sneeze guards, ventilation, advanced hand rubs, and so on. Disinfection is the primary guideline that we have to reinforce on. The routine disinfection may break the risk of affecting disease, and this will enhance the productivity of work.

Improving hygienic facilities, accurate modes of disinfection will considerably reduce the risk for workers and employers. While restarting the workplace there is always a risk for ensuring workplace safety. The health of employers and workers is important for sustaining productivity. The offering of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), clean and safe latrine facilities, disinfection of gadgets reduce the severity of spreading. Workplace safety is the responsibility of employers and the rights of employees.

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For ensuring effective working safety the managers and employers have to undertake regular updates on the risk assessments related to COVID-19 and provide remedial measures with the aid of occupational health service. By considering the environment, availability of resources, protective equipment risk assessment can be maintained in a good manner. The workers with severe health issues or the workers who are infected by lifestyle diseases have chances to easily affected by COVID 19 and can be concerned for individual risk assessment. 

Respiratory hygiene( preventive shields for coughing and sneezing) and limiting unnecessary travel can be followed as an effective preventive method for COVID 19. Meanwhile, proper education and awareness are also there in the priority list or the guidelines of preventive measures. Through educating workers with awareness programs increase their mental strength and make sure to handle problems by themselves. 

As aforementioned the restart of the workplace amidst a pandemic scene has its own kind of hazards. We have to maintain a critical sell for isolating people who are affected with COVID. The prolonged shutdown will affect the productivity of the workplace. The rekindling is possible by following the guidelines of national authorities and secure workplace safety. The guidelines for restarting the workplace should be effective and appropriate, rather it will create complications. The proper maintaining of  Covid-19 protocols and guidelines accelerate workplace safety and thereby the confidence of employers and employees.

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