Health and Safety Certification Training in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

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Business organizations in Riyadh and other places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) employ qualified and certified health and safety professionals to supervise and ensure compliance with safety standards in work procedures at their workplaces. Organizations looking to recruit such professionals will consider only those who have undergone training at a reputed safety training service provider having health and safety certifications from a globally recognized international safety training and certification organizations.
Health and Safety Certification Training in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, KSA
Health and safety certification training courses can be undertaken by anyone working in any industry and at any level of an organization. There are many training service providers in KSA who offer to provide training for obtaining the certification. However, it is imperative that the person seeking to get the certification opt to get the training from a recognized and reputed training service provider.
Many reputed training service providers in Riyadh and other parts of KSA are large consultancy organizations that specialize in providing consultancy services related to health and safety in workplaces. These safety consultancy service providers conduct classroom courses at their facilities as well as training programs on the shopfloor for particular group of operators.
SLC with its headquarters in Riyadh and offices across KSA is a leader in providing consultancy and training services in the health and safety domain. SLC has tied up with internationally reputed health and safety training certification bodies like NEBOSH and IOSH and offers training courses to technical personnel working in various fields in all types of industries. On successful completion of the courses, the trainees are awarded Health and Safety Certificates issued by NEBOSH or IOSH. These courses and the certificates are recognized by and are in line with the standards of international bodies like the International Labour Organization (ILO).
SLC is also a leading provider of consultancy services in the Health and Safety domain. SLC’s team of experienced professionals can carry out inspections of work sites, perform safety audits, analyze accidents and other failures and provide in-plant training to operators on the correct use of plant machinery.
Some of the areas in which training is conducted include:

  • Fire safety and operation of firefighting equipment
  • Safe erection of scaffolding
  • Safe operation of material lifts and hoists
  • Safe methods of working at heights

Governments and other statutory bodies mandate compliance with safety regulations for issue of licenses to operate for many types of industries. SLC can provide the requisite consultancy services to check whether your workplace complies with these regulations, advice on corrective measures, where necessary and ensure the smooth operation of your business.
We welcome you to avail of the services and facilities offered by SLC to become a certified Health and Safety professional or get your business premises certified for compliance with statutory safety regulations.