How to maximize efficiency by minimizing workplace injuries

How to maximize efficiency by minimizing workplace injuries

The safety professionals always insist that the companies ensure a safe workplace for the employees because the safe workplace is efficient and effective. An adequate safety and health program impacts the production of an organization or industry. We can never predict unpleasant incidents like machinery mishaps, fire accidents, and falls at the workplace. Governments and employers can only prevent them from occurring or prepare workers to reduce the damage by providing safety, health, and first aid training in Saudi Arabia.

How does organization efficiency get disturbed?

  • The financial burden to employers

Unexpected events like accidents pose considerable costs to employers. The general costs that companies incur like

  • Productivity loss
  • Retraining
  • Compensation
  • Repairs
  • Additional supervision
  • Medical and travel expense
  • Physical Effects on the employees

The employees get affected temporarily or permanently when accidents happen. 

  • Retirement due to permanent injury
  • Losing the ability to handle machinery and materials
  • Persistent body pains and aches

To ensure no permanent loss to the employees, employers should provide first-aid awareness training to the workers.

  • Psychological effects on the employees

The accidents can always remain in the memories of the workers. They cause anxiety and depression in the worker, which causes loss in productivity. Stress has an impact on half of the employees who experienced the accident. This affects the employee’s personal life, like family and hobbies as well.

  • Employer-Employee relationship

The employer and employee relationship become strained after the accidents. The recovered employee may return to the workplace and get involved with coworkers, but the relationship between the management and worker becomes more polarized. The interaction between both parties will be reduced. To mitigate these adverse effects, employers should choose NEBOSH diploma training in KSA for the employees. Increased contact with employees can decrease the gap. Many affected employees always assume that the reason behind the accident is the employer’s negligence.

How to minimize the damage of accidents?

Some precautionary steps can always minimize the effects of workplace injuries on employees.

  • Falls

Falls and slips are the most prevailing workplace injuries. These kinds of injuries can be avoided by keeping the place clutter-free. Lesser trip-overs can cause lesser injuries. Keep walkways clear, electrical cords secured and covered can minimize damage. 

Spills must be cleared immediately to avoid slips. During rainy and snowy seasons, there will be the accumulation of liquids, which can be avoided by placing extra rugs and mats at the entryway.

Falls are the most prevailing workplace injuries in any industry. The maintenance team should use a step ladder to reach the place that is out of reach. The 90-degree turns must be installed with convex mirrors to avoid accidents.

  • Fire Safety

It remains a significant concern because it is a severe hazard that workers face. Ensure that electrical cords are in perfect condition as damaged cables can cause a severe threat. Space heaters should be kept away from paper products to avoid fire accidents. To ensure the fastest escape during fire accidents, emergency escape routes are clear. Never block the fire sprinklers. Annual fire drills are to be conducted to ensure that every employee knows the company exit strategy—frequent checking of fire alarms and extinguishers and ensuring that they are in working condition.

If combustible materials are to be used in the workplace, only the required amounts of remaining are stored in the fire safety containers in the storage area. 

  • Struck by objects

Struck by objects is another common injury in the workplace. Stacking the boxes is observed in the workplace, but piling them to the point where they are unstable should be avoided. Heavy objects are to be stored at the bottom to prevent severe damage even if the cabinets fall.

  • Substance Control

Drug usage is affecting many people from various backgrounds of life. Opioid addiction is also one of the main issues faced in the workplace. Improper judgment and response cause accidents at the workplace. Testing at regular intervals can make the workplace free from drugs and alcohol. Strengthen the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help the employees to get out of addiction.

Employers are always suggested to take experts’ help in avoiding the loss of efficiency in the organization. NEBOSH International Diploma is one such training program that gives awareness to the employees in health and safety. This diploma can be used across different industries and is transferable beyond boundaries.

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