Impact of Occupational and Industrial Safety Management on Workers Productivity

impact of industrial safety on workers productivity

Health and safety training in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has full consideration from non-governmental and governmental organizations to protect all the nation’s workers. The Saudi Arabia government views protecting all the stakeholders of the organization as a moral obligation.

We shall look into the factors that are responsible for workplace injuries:

Industrial safety and health management should be present in all the companies to ensure three main objectives. They are as follows

  1. The promotion and protection of the workers’ health and safety and parallelly increasing their operational capability.
  2. To improve the conditions of the working environment and subsequently ensure more health and safety to the workers.
  3. Creating working traditions and workgroups and making them cooperate to ensure safety at the workplace.

Similar to any other safety and health, the Saudi government believes that the government should deliver occupational health and safety. The Saudi Ministry of Health has extended its occupational health services to all employers, excluding some private sectors.  At the same time, some private sectors have decided to outsource workplace health and safety issues bearing the costs. The Ministry of Health is working with a wide range of stakeholders to promote the health and safety of the workers.  

General industrial health and safety issues to be addressed by employers and government

  • Workers exposure to harmful chemical
  • Fire explosion
  • Trips and slips
  • Machine cutting and amputation
  • Burns
  • Skin Disorder
  • Respiratory problems
  • Poisoning
  • Vision and hearing loss

Following are the issues that can be addressed by focussing on the safety and health of the workers

  1. To manage and avoid occupational health risks.
  2. To ensure high standards of health for the workers.
  3. To reduce the effects of the poor working conditions at all the workplaces.
  4. To help the people who are injured or suffering from illness to return to their workplace soon.

It is employers’ responsibility and obligation to implement workplace safety and prevent all workplace accidents. All the Saudi companies are becoming more open to implementing all the international regulations of occupational safety and health at workplaces to impart self-confidence and assurance to the workers. The Saudi Ministry of Health has recognized the role that comprehensive and accessible occupational health and safety policy can provide safety to individuals at the workplace.

Government’s concern about the workplace safety

Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Labor are obligated to decrease the number of skilled laborers losing their jobs due to occupational hazards and poor safety conditions by the Royal Decree No.M/21 dated 6 Ramadan 1389 (1969). The Ministry requests Saudi employers of Labor to develop and maintain the best positive workplace health safety training to ensure the employees are trained and experienced as Royal Decree ordered. Saudi employers are encouraged to consult workplace health and safety experts to get the best safety training courses.

Saudi government treats that health and safety as a universal right of every employee.

Employer’s concern about the occupational health and safety 

Staff training and development is one of the best ways to increase confidence and impart necessary skills to the workers. Investing in the employees to gain skills can benefit the company. There will be a considerable rise in the productivity of the companies with these skill development programs. The researches reveal that the primary change that can be observed with increased safety is reduced absenteeism. 

Employers should put the employees’ safety and health programs as a topmost priority to safeguard lives and ensure fewer injuries, improving workers’ productivity. The implementation of health and safety programs can reduce the cost of treating the injuries. Employers should continuously monitor the health and wellness quotient of the workers regularly. These steps can ensure that the workers are fit to carry out their work in a riskless environment.

The Ministry of Labor suggests the employers get NEBOSH International General Certificate in Saudi Arabia to their employees. By getting a NEBOSH certificate, the employer can ensure that the employees are safe from risks and harm in the workplace. Prevent your company from getting into legal proceedings by ensuring the workplace is risk-free. 

Companies can seek the help of organizations that have expertise in training individuals for keeping themselves safe and ensure the workers are knowledgeable about the industrial risks. The training programs can create awareness in the employees which can make them more confident and perform their jobs much effectively. 

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