Importance of food safety and hygiene when preparing and handling food

Food safety and cleanliness are critical because they ensure the safety of the food you touch and manufacture. If food safety and cleanliness are not maintained, consumers could become gravely ill from food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses. As a result, food hygiene and safety, Riyadh are critical for protecting consumers’ health.

Food safety and cleanliness are critical for businesses because they help protect consumers’ health from foodborne illnesses and food poisoning. Food poisoning occurs when bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens infect food, making those who ingest the contaminated food very sick. Food poisoning may usually be treated at home within a week, but it can also be severe and necessitate immediate medical intervention. As a result, understanding how to safeguard customers from food poisoning is critical.

The Food Hygiene Regulations of 2006 make it permissible for food businesses to safely and sanitary food chores. The Food Hygiene Regulations of 2006 make it illegal to supply food to people that are hazardous to their health. Food enterprises have a duty of care when it comes to selling food, so food safety and hygiene must be a top focus.

Food Safety and Hygiene Practices

Because a safe and sanitary workplace contributes to a productive workforce, establishing a food safety and hygiene policy will ensure that all employees contribute to proper work practices. Employees should have proper food safety training in Saudi Arabia to establish safe food handling. The following fundamental elements should be included in your workplace’s food safety and hygiene policy:

Thorough Cleaning

Make sure the space where you’re working is clean and sanitary. Before, during, and after cooking, this entails carefully cleaning and disinfecting the workspace, utensils, and equipment.

Between dealing with foods, all cooking tools and equipment, such as chopping boards, knives, and mixers, must be cleaned thoroughly. For example, a separate chopping board must be used or cleaned between raw chicken and vegetables. If this isn’t done, bacteria from the raw chicken will move to the veggies, resulting in food contamination.

Maintain a clean work environment, use pest control sprays, and cover food properly to prevent pests and insects from entering the workplace.

Personal Hygiene of Food Handlers

Ascertain that those handling food have a good level of personal hygiene. This includes the following:

  1. Hair is tied back to prevent hair from falling into the food.
  2. Before, during, and after handling food, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and hot water to ensure that no germs from your hands are transferred to the food.
  3. Wear clean clothes to work to avoid germs transferring from your clothes to your food.
  4. If you’re going to handle food with your bare hands, put on some gloves.

Foods Storage

  1. Food should be stored appropriately. Determine which foods should be stored at room temperature, which should be chilled, and frozen.
  2. If food must be refrigerated, it must be kept between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. Refrigerators should be set to 3°C or 4°C as a result.
  3. Domestic freezers should be set to -18°C to prevent chemical reactions within foods. This will halt the growth of bacteria and their production of toxins.

Employees with safe food handling certificates will have a good awareness of how to store the food safely.

Correct Food Preparation and Cooking

Before you start cooking, be sure you know which foods need to be washed. Fruits and vegetables, for example, must be washed in cold water before being prepared. However, certain things, such as raw chicken, should not be washed because the bacteria from the chicken could spread throughout the workspace.

Ensure food is cooked to the optimum temperature. Food must achieve a core temperature of 75°C for all bacteria to be destroyed appropriately.

Internationally, food safety and cleanliness are taken very seriously. The Ministry of Health and the Singapore Food Agency examined claims of 30 illnesses after people ate Taj Catering, operated by Singapore Fast Food Pte Ltd, in November 2019. While the inquiry is ongoing, the catering company’s license has been stopped until further notice. If Taj Catering is allowed to continue, the staff in charge of food hygiene will be forced to complete a food hygiene officer training.

 As a result, employees working in the food business must understand the significance of food safety and hygiene. So the companies would search for basic food hygiene course providers and increase the safety in food handling.

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