Lifting Tools Certification in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Lifting Tools Certification in riyadh, saudi arabia, ksa, slcgrouponline

Lifting tools and tackles are used in various workplaces like manufacturing plant shop floors and construction sites. It is essential for the smooth functioning of the business activity that these tools and tackles are good for use in the required operating conditions. These have to be regularly tested in the specified methods and certification obtained to ascertain that these are good for use. The testing and certification has to be obtained from a competent agency who has sufficient expertise to conduct such tests.

Lifting tool certification in riyadh, saudi arabia, ksa, slcgrouponline
Lifting tool certification

At SLC, we have gained the expertise and have obtained the necessary accreditations to carry out the testing of lifting tools and its certification as per local and international standards stipulated by agencies that monitor workplace safety. We can conduct these tests at the respective workplaces or at our testing facility. We have the latest tools and instruments required to conduct these tests and our testing professionals are fully conversant with the latest standards and testing procedures.
We carry out these tests on a variety of tools including the following:

  • All types of slings
  • All types of lifting tackles including specialized lifting tackles

The various types of tests conducted on the tools include:

  • Break testing
  • Yield Testing
  • Extended Hold Testing
  • Proof testing

Our scope of services includes:

  • Detailed visual analysis of tools
  • Load testing
  • Remedial measures
  • Documentation of tests
  • Assessments and recommendations for regulatory compliance
  • Training of personnel handling the tools

Benefits of lifting tools certification:

  • Ensures that the tools used in the workplace are in proper condition and safe to be put to use to lift the materials and equipment that are to be lifted using these tools
  • Achieves compliance with regulatory standards for safe workplaces and minimizes downtime due to non-availability of tools, accidents, etc.

For meeting all your lifting tools certifications, SLC, based in Riyadh, is the agency that is best equipped to provide you the services your business requires competently and professionally.

Contact us today to get your lifting tools certified for effective and safe usage in your workplaces.

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