Third Party Certifications for Equipments in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

third party certification in riyadh, saudi arabia, ksa, slcgrouponline

A third-party assessment is a must if a business entity or organization wants to have an unbiased and valid evaluation of its equipments to ensure its compliance with specific standards for safety, quality or performance.
SLC is a leading independent third party certifier based in Riyadh, KSA, providing a range of third party inspection services and certifications for equipments which include:

  • Forklifts third party certification
  • Elevating platforms third party certification
  • Third Party Certification for Material handling equipments
  • Third Party Certification for Personnel handling equipments
  • Third Party Certification for Lifting equipments
  • Third Party Certification for Various types of cranes and its components

third party certification in riyadh, saudi arabia, ksa, slcgrouponline


Our third party inspection services for lifting equipments and tools will help

  • Maintain the functional capability and condition of your lifting equipments and tools
  • Ensure enhanced quality and safety
  • Help identify problem areas and mitigate risks associated with them
  • Help demonstrate company’s commitment to safety and quality
  • Help demonstrate compliance with local and international standards and regulations

We are accredited to perform third party inspections. Our inspection and certification services are delivered in accordance with the local and country-specific statutory requirements and guidelines. All our inspections are carried out by a diversified team of experienced professionals and consultants who possess the essential background in all the relevant requirements, regulations, standards and industry best practices. Our team is fully competent in conducting valid assessments, identifying problem areas, addressing identified shortcomings and creating appropriate guidelines to enhance the effectiveness of existing safety systems.
We conduct periodic inspection and testing of tools and equipments to identify any deficiencies that may constitute a hazard and also to verify that it continues to comply with the standard government regulations and best practice standards. A record of all defects and comprehensive findings are noted during the inspection and provided to the relevant person. Certification is issued once the findings from equipment inspections meet the safety, reliability and functionality criteria.

Our third party inspection services include:

  • Detailed visual inspection of all types of lifting equipments and tools
  • Static and dynamic load testing of lifting equipments
  • Operational testing to assess the functioning of equipments
  • Periodic testing of tools and lifting equipments and its components
  • Assessing the life remaining of the equipments
  • Documented assessments of all inspections conducted
  • Structural integrity analysis for lifting equipments
  • Third party certification for all types of lifting equipments

Timely and regular inspections and certifications by competent third party inspection service providers is critical to ensure that the equipments that are operated at any business premise perform under safe and optimum working conditions and in Saudi Arabia, SLC is one among the best third party inspection service providers who can meet all your company certification requirements competently.
Let us help your company stay compliant and productive
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