Train The Trainer Course in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

train the trainer course in riyadh, saudi arabia, ksa, slcgrouponline

Effective ongoing training for the workforce is vital for enhanced productivity and the future success of any organization or business. This requires internal training teams with practical instructional skills and up-to-date training strategies to effectively pass on their knowledge and skills and deliver result-driven training. Proper training in how to train successfully is therefore necessary in order to provide the right and effective training.

Safety training in riyadh, saudi arabia, ksa, slcgrouponlineAt SLC, we train participants on how to become a competent trainer and effectively impart their knowledge and skills in a training environment. Our train the trainer course helps to build on your current instructional skills and improve the way you design and conduct a training session. New and seasoned trainers can both benefit from this course.

Course overview

Train the trainer course at SLC is an ideal program for anyone wanting to upgrade their current training/instructional skills and deepen their knowledge on how best to plan and present a training session effectively. From identifying learning needs to planning, organizing and delivering an interactive and effective training session, every step of the process is covered. The course will be delivered by our expert facilitators who are well experienced in this field. Participants will have to deliver a short training session using their own materials at the end of the program. This session will then be evaluated against the criteria specified by the facilitator and participants will receive a certification of completion after successfully meeting it.

Course Prerequisites

Participants should preferably have some knowledge in training and be proficient in the English language. There are no other prerequisites for enrolling in this course.

Who should enroll for this course?

  • New as well as seasoned trainers
  • Managers
  • Organization and development practitioners
  • Human resource professionals

Course Content

  • Instructional design methodology
  • Lesson planning and preparation techniques
  • Presentation, communication, and facilitation techniques
  • Training best practices
  • Training evaluation

Course Duration

Three days

Course Benefits

  • Helps build strong foundation in critical thinking skills needed for conducting a more effective training
  • Learn about using audio visual tools and handouts during training sessions to foster better learning
  • Learn about creating sessions that are engaging
  • Complement existing skills with best practices in training techniques and delivery
  • Helps to address training challenges effectively
  • Help strategize for different learning needs

Book this course now and expand your skills as a trainer.

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