Sustainability Leaders Group is a pioneer in the training industry of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We provide our services to improve the standards of safety and hygiene in Food Industry. Our food safety training in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, is one of the most important certification programs for the workers in the food industry to promote the best working conditions and increase the company’s productivity.


Course Overview

This certification aims that those who work in or will work in the food industry have the information and skills to handle food safely. This course prepares learners for work in the food industry or supplements an existing low-risk position that involves some food handling. The students will understand the importance of maintaining good practice in the manufacture of safe food. Learners in the food industry will develop a thorough understanding of the necessity of food hygiene and knowledge of the systems, techniques, and processes involved in food handling at this level.

For Whom?

It’s for anyone who works in the catering, hospitality, or manufacturing industries, where food hygiene is critical when food is prepared, cooked, served, or produced. Hospitals, hotels, stores, restaurants, factories, contract catering, fast-food outlets, care, and nursing homes, schools, jails, and the military forces are all examples of the environment. As this course explains, food safety is the responsibility of everyone involved in the storage, preparation, processing, packing, and handling of food. 


Learners would generally receive this international qualification through a half-day training course, i.e., 4 hours. The number of hours spent teaching an average student through lectures, tutorials, supervised study, and blended learning is referred to as guided learning hours. This program’s delivery may be altered to meet the needs of learners and/or local circumstances.


  1. Introduction to food safety
  2. Microbiological hazards
  3. Contamination hazards and pests
  4. HACCP and temperature control
  5. Storage
  6. Personal hygiene
  7. Cleaning

Guidance on Assessment

A multiple-choice question examination is used to assess the qualification. This is an end-of-course test that must adhere to the Highfield Security and Invigilation Guidelines. This test consists of 15 questions that must be answered in 30 minutes. A minimum of 9 correct answers is required for successful students (60%). A distinction will be given to students who get 12 or more right answers (80%).

Learning Outcomes

  1. In a catering workplace, be aware of personal food safety standards.
  2. In a catering workplace, be aware of the necessity of personal cleanliness.
  3. In a catering workplace, understand how important it is to maintain work areas clean and sterile.
  4. In a catering workplace, learn how to keep food safe.